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Easy tool management - the new entry-level solution for tool management in the cloud - simple, straightforward, powerful! Do you operate in a small to medium sized production environment? Then the new cloud tool management is exactly the right entry-level solution. The simple tool management organizes all tool types and is manufacturer-independent. Start digitizing tools now and be excited to see how your way of working and ability to act will soon improve.

Your benefits

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    Easy to start

    get started right away, without project management or IT installation

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    Easy to digitize

    Quickly import data via tool catalogs available free of charge

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    Easy to use

     Intuitive software with automatic updates and data backup

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    Simply subscribe

    SaaS, including 60 days free trial  

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    Simply innovate

    Have an overview, save costs and time, use tool know-how effectively

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    Simply unique

    100% tested and developed by the pioneer in tool management

Main features

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        • Existing items/tools
        • Shares according to supplier/type
        • Data quality
        • Use of items/tools

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      • The highlight of the TDM WebCatalog is that the data and graphics of the selected tool can be sent directly into Cloudversion. The user does not have to create the tool again separately; rather, it is directly assigned to the appropriate class and group structure. The TDM WebCatalog also impresses the users with its flexible text search function. Regardless of whether the user is searching according to order number, supplier, an application or technical parameters, all the data required for further processing is available within a very short time.

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      easy Recording

      • Recording and use-oriented

        • Simple recording of the tool components
        • Automated 2D/3D- assembly of complete tools

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      complete tool ready for CAM Systeme

      • Creating and integrating into existing CAM systems made easy

        • The integration offers direct access to the TDM tool database in the CAM system
        • The user can select tools individually, either by tool class/group in TDM or with the CAM system search
        • CAD/CAM integration offers direct access to geometry data and collision data
        • The interfaces to the CAM-Systems transfer the needed tool assemblies for programming to the CAM systems and afterwards the needed tool list to the tool database for shopfloor planning


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Provider information

DMG MORI is a leading global manufacturer of machine tools and a provider of future-oriented technology solutions. In the DMG MORI STORE, we offer our customers fast and direct access to digital "end-to-end" solutions as a subscription model. With our integrated range of software tools, we ensure that machine tools are more productive, future-proof and therefore more sustainable, and create greater transparency, efficiency and higher quality for our customers.