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Your production planning software (PPS / APS) from the cloud that keeps the production plan always up to date:

  • PLANNING BOARD (GANTT diagram): Intuitive planning with assistance functions.
  • PRODUCTION FEEDBACK (BDE): Feedback from machine & workplace to PLANNING BOARD.
  • PRODUCTION COCKPIT (Dashboard): Visualization of all relevant job information.

Your benefits

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    Optimize utilization & efforts

    Increase utilization by up to 25% & reduce planning times by up to 80% through direct communication between planning & feedback as well as accurate determination of lead times.

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    For any resource - on any device

    Plan & control limited capacities, such as workstations, machines & employees, independent of manufacturer. Simply from anywhere with your cell phone, tablet or PC.

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    Immediately available

    Intuitive cloud-based web applications provide optimal functionality for manufacturing companies with minimal complexity. Incl. basic training & individual on-boarding.

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    Solving planning conflicts

    The algorithm detects and visualizes planning conflicts. Correct your planning & close gaps at the push of a button. Get information about delays & bottlenecks at a glance.

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    Scalable solution

    If the number of machines and workstations you need to plan and control increases, you simply book additional resources.

Main features

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      • The PLANNING BOARD View provides the production planner with information about the current machine and employee assignment plan.


        • Display of production orders in individual colors
        • Information about the correlation of individual work steps
        • Delivery status of an order (red: delay, orange: critical)

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      PLANNING BOARD – Production Order View

      • The Production Order View enables the planner to easily switch between the control station and the order view.


        • Visualization based on the scheduled production orders & the resources
        • Optimization of order-related machine & personnel allocation
        • Analyzes to ensure delivery reliability

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      PLANNING BOARD – Delay View

      • The color scheme "Delay traffic light" visualizes production orders depending on their delivery status.


        • Active control of production
        • Optimization of delivery reliability, output quantity & costs

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      PLANNING BOARD – Bottleneck

      • The color scheme "Bottleneck" shows the current and future bottlenecks within the production, which cause time delays in scheduled production orders.


        • Identification of bottleneck resources at an early stage
        • The greater the delay, the more intense the red color tone

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      PRODUCTION FEEDBACK – Machine View

      • The Machine View gives a detailed overview of all operations that are scheduled on a machine, e.g. order & operation number, article description as well as expected start & end times. Set-up and production processes can be started, stopped and terminated at the push of a button.


        • Display of progress & process duration in real time
        • Multi-machine operation: exact recording of the exact working time for each operation
        • Reporting of errors & maintenance

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      • With the EXCEL adapter, order-relevant data can be easily imported from EXCEL into PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL in a standardized way:

        • production orders
        • material
        • equipment
        • routings
        • Detailed planning information


    14-Days DEMO VERSION
    • Ideal for all who want to get a first impression with demo data - 14 days, free of charge
    • Ideal for companies who want to plan limited resources manually with assistance functions

Provider information

DMG MORI is a leading global manufacturer of machine tools and a provider of future-oriented technology solutions. In the DMG MORI STORE, we offer our customers fast and direct access to digital "end-to-end" solutions as a subscription model. With our integrated range of software tools, we ensure that machine tools are more productive, future-proof and therefore more sustainable, and create greater transparency, efficiency and higher quality for our customers.